Best Mountain Bike Pedals: Top flat and clipless models reviewed you purchase a new mountain bike, the pedals might not always be the first thing you look at. However, the pedals do play a significant role in how the bike rides and how comfortable it is.

Mountain bike pedals is a key component between you and the the bike. There are so many different recommendations and options in pedals online and from dealers.

This buying guide will help you to know what you should look for, how to properly choose mountain bike pedals and give you a good idea of the best prices ranges and brands out on the market right now.


How To Choose The Right Pedals For You

Step 1: Decide on what type of terrain you want to ride on. Be sure to look for a pedal that works for the terrain you will be riding on. Most often platform pedals will work on a variety of terrains. However, if you are looking for off road pedals or or road pedals you maybe looking for different things such as toe clips, straps, or types of cleats.

Step 2: Next you need to make a decision on what type of pedal you prefer. Remember there are 3 main types of pedals: clipless, platform and combo.

Step 3: Find the right shoes for you pedals. You will need a special shoe for clipless pedals so that your shoe clicks into the pedal. If you are looking for road shoes they typically have stiff soles. Casual athletic shoes are typically the shoes with the most flexibility in the soles.Be sure to find a shoe that fits your comfortably. The sizes are typically U.S. or European sizes.


1. Best Mountain Bike Pedals For The Money

When you are looking for the best pedals for the money, you have to keep in mind your preferences, durability and the cost of the pedal. You want a set of pedals with good grip that will last and not cost you a fortune.


Shimano Pd-Mx80 Platform Pedals


Shimano Pd-Mx80 Platform PedalsThese platform pedals from Shimano are really great. They have good grip and with proper maintenance are quite durable. These Shimano platform pedals feature: a concave platform design for comfort and efficiency, replaceable pins and axle durability.

They are made from alloy which allows them to be lighter and durable. These platform pedals are made to work with most bikes, not just mountain bikes.

The price is quite a affordable, as well. Overall these pedals are a great buy for the money.

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2. Best Mountain Bike Pedals For Beginners

When start out riding a mountain bike for the first time it’s about learning technique and what is comfortable for you. Most entry level riders will start out with platform pedals. This type of pedal is great for efficiency and ease of use. Be sure to look for an affordable set of pedals, as well. There is no need to spend a lot of money when you are just learning starting out in this sport.


RockBros Mountain Bike Pedals Cycling Sealed Bearing Pedals


RockBros Mountain Bike Pedals Cycling Sealed Bearing PedalsThese pedals from RockBros are the perfect pedals for a beginner or entry level rider! They are flat platform pedals with excellent gripping.

The RockBros Mountain Bike pedals are made from lightweight aluminium alloy and weigh about 1lb each. These pedals work with various style bikes including mountain bikes and road bikes.

Overall these pedals are quite affordable and will come in handy for someone learning to ride a mountain bike.

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3. Best Mountain Bike Pedals Under $100

If you have been riding for a little while and want a great set of pedals yet you don’t want to spend a lot of money, a great set of clipless pedals that work with cleats for under a $100 might an ideal way to go.


Shimano Ultegra PD-6800 SPD-SL Pedals


Shimano Ultegra PD-6800 SPD-SL PedalsThe Shimano Ultegra pedals are solid, well built clipless pedals. They are made from carbon fiber and have an aluminum cleat plate. This composition in pedals makes them lightweight yet really durable.

They work well with most cleats and you can even order clip covers if you prefer them. The recommended retail price of these pedals is typically $200, however they are often on discount for around $100 or less! This makes these clipless pedals quite affordable.

If you really want to spruce up your riding to the next level and don’t want to spend a fortune you really should check out these pedals from Shimano.

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4. Best Mountain Bike Flat Pedals

There are so many great products on the market today. With so many options in pedals it is hard to choose a great pedal for your mountain bike. However, if you could find a nice flat platform pedal for under $50 then it just might be worth it to take a closer look at it.


Bonmixc Mountain Bike Pedals


Bonmixc Mountain Bike PedalsFlat pedals are an all round great pedal for any cyclists. These pedals from Bonmixc are flat, dual platform, non slip grip pedals that make your ride smooth, comfortable and efficient.

These pedals are made from lightweight aluminum alloy and are ultra thin in size. It features four sealed bearings, as well.

This is a solid pedal that is affordable and built to last.

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What To Look For In Mountain Bike Pedals

There are several different things you should look for when looking at mountain bike pedals. These things can broken down into these categories: type, weight, size, material, and ratings.

Type: There are three main types of all round pedals to choose from clipless, platform and combo pedals. These pedals define the type of riding you will be doing and your bike will interact with the surface you are on whether you are are on a trail or on asphalt.

Mountain bike pedal cleatsClipless Vs. Platform: A platform pedal is a standard issue flat pedal. The other type is clipless where your your shoe clipped to the pedal. Most racers and professional riders prefer clipless pedals since because they are aid in in efficiency. Platform flat pedals are great for almost all bikers. They are especially great if you have bad knees. Platform pedals aid in a smooth ride and stability. They are especially great when you are working on techniques.

Combo Pedals: Combo pedals are pedals that combine both platform pedals and clipless pedals into one. They give you both of the best worlds. The main disadvantage of these pedals are that they are often times a bit bulky and heavy.

Weight: Typically a lighter pedal is ideal. However, sometimes you are trading durability for a lighter pedal. Be sure to look at what the pedal is made of and how durable it is before purchasing a new pedal.

Size: The size of your bike pedals is important regardless if you choose platform pedals or clipless pedals. With clipless pedals a larger foot area size gives great support when you are starting out and increasing speeds. It also provides safety in case you shoe becomes unclipped. The only disadvantage is that a larger clipless pedal will increase the of the pedal.A large size platform pedal gives your foot stability.The only downside to a larger platform pedal is the risk of hitting rocks on the ground and if the pedal is too large you will have clumsy pedaling.

Float:  Pedal float is the degree of mobility you have when you foot is clicked into place. When someone is talking about pedal float they are talking about clipless pedals. You want the most float possible when using a clipless pedal this increases your performance on the bike.

Material: Typically a mountain bike pedal is made from aluminum or even a low-grade steel. Choose a strong metal pedal for durability. Strong medal doesn’t necessarily mean a heavy metal either.

Ratings: Always be sure to check out reviews and ratings on pedals before making a final purchase. It’s a good idea to really know what you are buying when it comes to your bicycle.


Best Bike Trainers: Indoor Stands Buying Guide

Some of the best bike trainersA bicycle trainer stand is a device that enables you to ride your bicycle while it is stationary. This device typically clamps onto your rear axle allowing you to ride your bike without it ever moving. This is quite ideal if you don’t want to limit your time riding or practicing due to time schedules and weather conditions.

A bike trainer is a great value buy if you are in training or have a regular exercise schedule. It allows for year round rounding indoors.


What To Look For In A Bike Stand

There are 3 main types of bicycle trainer stands that come in a variety of brands. These types of stands are:

Wind Trainer: The wind trainer is not commonly used much anymore. This type of trainer stand uses wind power generated to provide resistance on the back tire.

Mag Trainer: This trainer is a bit more money however, it is a whole lot more quieter than the wind trainer. The mag trainer uses a magnetic device to create resistance on the rear wheel of the bicycle.

Fluid Trainer:  This combines a magnetic flywheel wheel with fluid resistance. It’s quite quiet however, it can be a bit pricey.


There are a few other things you should look for when purchasing the best indoor stand for the money including:

Tire Size And Bike Style: When you are looking for a bike trainer stand it’s important to know your tire size and bike style to find the right trainer for you. There are many different brands that will fit various bikes from mountain bikes to road bikes and everything in between.

Bike trainer stand rollerResistance Settings: A mag trainer can have different resistance settings depending on the magnets. So this gives you variety when you are training

Front Wheel Anti Slip Pad or Riser Block: You will need to find a trainer stand that has either anti-slip pads or a solid riser block for your front wheel in order to maintain stability while riding indoors. If it has a good anti slip pad or riser, it is well worth the money.

Stable Platform For Stand Up Riding: Some trainers will have the right platform that will allow you to ride not only sitting but standing up.

Easy Storage: You might not always have your bike out so it’s a good idea to find a trainer that can easily be stored away. Some trainer stands will actually fold so that you can save space and store more easily.

Quiet Operation: You probably do not want a trainer that is very loud and may disturb others. Look for a bicycle trainer that says it has a quiet operation and check reviews to see what customers say.


Best Bike Trainer Stand For Beginners

The best bike trainer stand for a beginner will be easy to put onto a bicycle and easy to ride. When you are starting out you never want to get something that is complicated to use as you learn it.


Gavin Bike Trainer Exercise Stand

Bike Trainer Exercise StandThis trainer stand is compatible with bikes that have 26 in., 27 in. or 700c tires. It has a wide frame that gives added stability, which is perfect for a beginner.

It also is a heavy duty, well built stand that will hold in tact very well.

This bicycle trainer includes the front wheel riser block and also folds for easy storage. Overall this is a perfect stand for beginners at a great value.

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Best Bike Trainer For The Money

It’s also quite important to find the best deals out there when shopping for a bike trainer stand. The ability to ride indoors all year doesn’t not have to be expensive. In fact, you can find an affordable indoor stand that is well worth the money.


Magnet Steel Indoor Bicycle Exercise Trainer

Magnet Steel Indoor Bicycle Exercise TrainerThis bicycle stand is made of durable steel and is a great mag style trainer. It features 5 resistance settings to maximize your riding.

It also folds easily for storage and easy travel. This quiet operation trainer stand works well with 26 in., 27 in. and 700c tires.

If you want a well-built trainer stand that is affordable this is a great brand to try.

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Best Bike Trainer Stand Under $500

If you are willing to spend a little more on a trainer stand for your indoor riding but you don’t want to go over $500 there are several different options. This one below is one of the best for the money.


Kinetic by Kurt Road Machine Indoor Bicycle Trainer

Kinetic by Kurt Road Machine Indoor Bicycle TrainerThis indoor bicycle trainer by Kurt is quite versatile and efficient with its well-built magnetic system and automatic resistance changes.

This trainer has an authentic feel so although you are riding stationary indoors, it feels as though you are really riding your bike!

For under $500 this is a really great bike trainer stand.

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Best Bike Trainer For Mountain Bikes

Some bike trainers work well for road bikes while others will also work well for a mountain bike. It’s important that you get the right bike trainer stand for your style bike at price that you can afford.


RAD Products Indoor Portable Magnetic Work Out Bicycle Trainer

RAD Products Indoor Portable Magnetic Work Out Bicycle TrainerThis mag trainer from RAD Products gives you the freedom to ride your mountain bike indoors all year, despite weather conditions outside.

It’s very easy to set up, fold, store and transports. This works well with most mountain bikes including tire size 26 in, 27 in or 700c.

This bicycle indoor trainer stand also features quiet operation so that you are not disturbing anyone else in your home or area.

Overall this is one of the best brands of trainers for mountain bikes on the market. You will love how easy it is to set up and ride.

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Whether you are a beginner or a pro, having a trainer stand will give you more freedom to ride whenever you want despite weather conditions or your busy schedule. The above brands and products have great reviews and are well worth the money if you are looking for a sound product that is durable and beneficial to you.


Best Bike Computers for Road & Mountain Bikes

Bike computer on handlebarsA bike computer can help you understand more about your riding, speed and location, with ease. There are many types of bike computers for stationary bikes, outside bikes, for GPS purposes and other types of riding situations. Each of these bike computers have different features and purposes to aid in your type of exercise routine.

There are also various manufacturers who produce these great bike computers including Garmin, CatEye and Sigma.

Prices range from $50 to hundreds of dollars for a good bike computer. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a great bike computer. So before you go searching for the best mountain bike computer or the best road bike computer or even the best cycling GPS learn about the features and costs to help you make a more informed decision.

What To Look For In A Bike Computer

There are a wide array of what bike computer can do these days with all the new technology coming out in the world. Here is a decent list of many of the functions you can find in a good bike computer.

Touch Screen: Most bike computers these days have an easy to use touch screen instead of buttons or arrows.

Buttons or Toggle Arrows: A few bike computers may have toggle arrows or buttons instead of a touchscreen. This feature is only about personal preference.

Performance Monitoring: This part of a bike computer monitors things like your heart rate, speed and distance.

Online Functions: Some bike computers will allow you to upload data, share your workout and update maps via a USB port.

GPS: Some bike computers like the Garmin will actually have a built in GPS system and can even give you directions to your destination.

Clock/Stopwatch: A good bike computer will have a built in clock and possibly a stop watch. This will help you keep track of time while the stopwatch will let you time yourself. This is helpful if you are in training.

Anti-glare: A great feature to have with a computer for your bike is an anti-glare screen, this is especially important for road bikes and mountain bikes since you are riding outside and the sun can make it quite hard to see a digital screen at times.

1. Best Bike Computer For Indoor Training

Some new stationary bikes meant for indoors may have bike computers. However, not all bikes that will be your indoor trainer will have one. So if you are looking for a an indoor bike computer to track your distance and speed this product is one of the best on the market today.

CatEye Strada Cadence Bike Computer

cateye-strada-cadence-bike-computerThis bike computer from CatEye functions as a tachometer, in other words it measures revolutions per minute or measures speed. It will display your average speed, maximum speed and current speed on request.

It also will measure distance for you. This indoor bike computer comes with lithium batteries and an easy bike mount.

Overall, it is a wonderful device to aid you in your workout routine.

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2. Best Bike Computer For Under $100

Finding a bike computer for an off-road bike, mountain bike or commuter bike that is under a $100 is a steal. This Bryton bike computer is an ideal choice for the right price.

Bryton Rider 310 GPS Cycling Computer


bryton-rider-310-gps-cycling-computerThe Bryton Rider 310 GPS Cycling bike computer tracks your time, speed, distance and even your calories burned making it one of the greatest device made for a bike. It also has a built in GPS and it’s battery life is up to 36 hours.

This bike computer is also waterproof and has an anti-glare screen allowing you to use it in rain or shine.

This is truly a remarkable device for under $100!

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3. Best Bike Computer For Under $50

Finding a bike computer for under $100 dollars is a amazing, finding for under $50 is a steal! CatEye has just that bike computer that is a great purchase for the money.

CatEye Strada Wireless Bicycle Computer

CatEye Strada Wireless Bicycle ComputerThis affordable bike computer has 8 great functions including: speed, max speed, current speed, trip distance and elapsed time. There is so much packed into this small sleek device that makes it worth every cent.

If you are looking for a great device without all the fuss and big spending this bike computer might be what you are looking for.

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4. Best CatEye Bike Computer

There are so many styles and functions in bike computers and CatEye makes a lot of them. One of their best products is the Cateye Micro Wireless computer.

Cateye CC-MC100W Micro Wireless 10-Function Bicycle Computer

Cateye CC-MC100W Micro Wireless 10-Function Bicycle ComputerThis is one of the best wireless bike computers on the market. It features 10 great functions that will bring your cycling routine to whole new levels.

This bike computer can easily mounted to a mountain bike or a road bike with ease. It is a simple to use computer that can track distance, speed and various other elements while you are riding.

Overall this handy bike computer is CatEye’s best seller and if you are looking for a reliable bike computer you have to check this one out for yourself.

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5. Best Sigma Bike Computer

Sigma is well known for their sports products. They have a good line of bike computers for you to choose from. One of Sigma’s best bike computers is the Sigma Sport BC5.

Sigma Sport BC5.12 Wired Bicycle Computer

Sigma Sport BC5.12 Wired Bicycle ComputerThis 5 function bike computer has a single use button and is easy to use. It also consist of USB connection to allow you to update it.

The Sigma Sport is simple and straightforward it monitors and tracks speed, distance and time, as well as has a reliable clock.

Overall this is a great product for the price!

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6. Best GPS Bike Computer

Garmin is well-known for their GPS systems. However, they do make amazing bike computers for commuters. They have features that any bike commuter would love! This model is one of the best Garmin’s for cycling.

Garmin Edge 810 GPS Bike Computer

Garmin Edge 810 GPS Bike ComputerThe Garmin Edge 810 is the best Garmin bike computer you can! Many Garmins are great for GPS, especially if you are lost or unfamiliar with a certain area. Which is why they are the best bike GPS.

This particular model is nice for navigation and can track speed, distance, time, heart rate and even outside temperature. It has a built-in map system and a USB port to allow you to update maps and have access to sharing on social media.

This is truly one of the best mountain bike GPS systems.

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